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Legislative &
Governmental Relations

We provide legislative consulting and lobbying services for our clients
in all areas of Texas public policy.

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We help our public and private clients navigate the maze
of environmental regulations and come out the other side
in compliance and with permits in hand.

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Water Law

We have expertise in all areas of groundwater and surface water
rights and regulations, as well as water quality and wastewater matters.

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Cities, Counties
and Special Districts

Our attorneys have represented hundreds of cities and counties across Texas
and provide officials and staff with reliable and cost-efficient
guidance and assistance.


We are an Austin-based law firm dedicated to providing top-quality, cost-effective legal and governmental relations services. Our primary areas of legal practice include legislative, environmental, administrative, utilities, and municipal law, with a specific emphasis on water-related matters.


We represent a variety of clients in environmental, administrative, and legislative matters. Our firm is recognized throughout Texas for its leadership in water law, but our practice includes matters as diverse as air quality permits and municipal elections—and everything in between. Personal attention to our clients and successful outcomes to their legal and legislative concerns are the hallmarks of SledgeLaw Group.


Each member of our team possesses a unique skillset in their areas of practice that enables us to diversify our services and provide each client with the expertise they need. We enjoy building relationships with our clients and working together to efficiently and effectively achieve our clients’ legal and legislative goals.